Where it all began

We are a group of coffee lovers that have the same aim – to connect the coffee roasters around the world to our partners in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Each of us brings unique, relevant experience to the team from various coffee professional fields: coffee exporting, global logistics, roasting, sales, quality control and many more. On top of that, we are just a really good bunch of people who gets along very well and want to be part of a valuable step in the green coffee supply chain.

We all really love to brew the coffees roasted by our friends, partners and customers. In the morning, you will find one of us geeking out on the new v60 or Chemex recipe in the coffee corner.

We work together with valued coffee warehouses in the UK and Europe. We allocate our stock strategically to deliver you coffees in the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective way possible. We also now have two offices, the main office and laboratory in London and the second European office in Poland – if you are a European client you can now freely receive the samples from us.

European Account Manager

Kamil works in the coffee industry since 2013. He fell in love with coffee as a barista during a busy shift in a London cafe. Previously he worked in cafes, quality control for a coffee importer and as a coffee roaster. Now he oversees our client relationships in Central Europe and promotes speciality, traceable coffee beans for clients who buy coffees from our European warehouse.
Favourite coffee:​
My favourite coffee is a sweet, balanced and fruity Brazil. A coffee that you can start your day with and drink in the afternoon. My current favourite coffee is a lot from Cerrado, Fazenda Paraiso. Mr Jorge Bakarat is the producer, and the varietal is Yellow Bourbon. It is exceptionally clean, rich in notes of forest fruits, balanced and leaves a long, pleasant mouthfeel that tastes like honey. I tried it from different clients and roasted it in various ways – it always tastes phenomenal.

Quality Assistant

Gillian started to work in the coffee industry as a barista after transferring out of professional kitchens. After moving to London, she quickly fell in love with the coffee scene and is always excited to learn more about our industry. She brings her love of quality ingredients and passion for professional craftsmanship to Kamba.
Favourite coffee:​
It’s so hard to choose! I’ve been enjoying a nice macchiato recently – something solid, flavoursome, and balanced. I like to think about the process each coffee went through, and all the people involved, to get it to that final stage. So much hard work goes into this industry, and I believe you can taste the thought and effort put into every cup.

UK Account Manager

Momo have been working in the coffee industry for the more than a decade now. He grew up in Paris then moved to London where he lived for the last 16 years.
From baby barista to head barista and quickly managing some of the most prestigious specialty coffee shop in London. His love for coffee and competition training took him to many places around the world. His trip to Bello horizonte, brazil for the World of coffee 2019 gave him the opportunity to visit his first coffee farm, which had a deep impact on him. Since then, he dedicated his effort to represent and distribute the quality and hard work of the farmers .
Now he oversees our client relationships in United kingdom and promotes specialty, traceable coffee beans for clients. He speak French, Arabic, Spanish as well as English.

Favourite coffee:​

I enjoy a cup of Brazil natural in the morning. Feels like a hot warming hug of honey and fruits in the morning, pair perfectly with my croissant.

But in the afternoon, I enjoy a a great cup of natural Ethiopia. As a hand brew and also as an espresso.

The complex, fruity yet clean coffee produced in the Guji and Sidamo region keep surprising me every year.  I often buy the same beans from different roaster to see sample the full array of possibilities of the coffee.

Managing Director

Our Managing Director is Natalie Anderson, an individual who brings a wealth of expertise and experience to Kamba. With a passion for the coffee industry and a deep understanding of sustainable practices, Natalie is poised to lead our company into a new era of growth and innovation. With a proven track record of successful leadership in previous roles, Natalie is committed to cultivating strong relationships with coffee growers, ensuring the highest quality green coffee beans for our customers. Under Natalie’s guidance, we are excited to embark on a journey of exceptional coffee production and environmental stewardship. Natalie has been enjoying experimental coffees as of late, especially a boozy anaerobic brew.

UK Account Manager

Karolina started her coffee career as a barista in a small city in the northern region of Malta, when moving abroad from Poland 8 years ago, although her passion for the specialty coffee scene really kickstarted in London.

Since then, she’s worked in a couple of independent cafes and made her way to gain roasting experience by joining one of the well-known coffee roasteries in North London, where she quickly progressed up the ranks from production assistant to head roaster.

She loves tasting and is fascinated by multi-sensorial perception of flavour, be it coffee, food, beer or wine.

Favourite coffee:

It depends on the day and what mood I’m in. My everyday go-to is a juicy cup of washed Ethiopia or Kenya. And when I’m feeling like I need a hug, then a good old cappuccino with alternative milk is the one.

UK Account Manager

Pablo has been working in coffee since he was 16, first as a barista before progressing to roaster, where he became obsessed with every aspect of the industry. From roast profiles to cupping data, water content to grind size distribution, Pablo finds coffee to be a deep rabbit hole full of things to discover. He is constantly learning and improving on his own knowledge to make everyone else’s coffee experience as good as it can be.

Favourite coffee:

My favourite coffee would have to be a flat white in the morning, just to start the day. I also enjoy a clean, juicy Ethiopian natural or a washed Rwandan on filter all day long. Nothing crazy – just clean, fruity, and with sweet tropical juiciness. 



Kamba UK details:

Office: No. 4, The Onyx, 102 Camley St, London N1C 4PF, United Kingdom

Warehouse UK: Commodity Centre, Great Braxted, Witham CM8 3EW, United Kingdom

Sales direct contact: Momo, +44 73 8574 5882 

Kamba Europe details:

Office: 3 Maja 28, 35-030 Rzeszów, Poland

Warehouse Germany: Schwarze & Consort. GmbH, Afrikastr, D-20457 Hamburg, Germany

Sales direct contact: Kamil Wnuk, +48 691 902 889  

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